A quick review of one of my favorite tools

As I try to build and maintain healthier eating habits, I’ve had to take a hard look at my past habits. This has included realizing I had a sugar addiction and reckoning with the amount of both sugary and non-sugary food I consume. As I work with a nutritionist and go to OA meetings, I’m learning that it is rare (nearly impossible) that sheer will power is enough to make a change.

What I mean is that people need help to change, and needing help is ok. I’m learning about lots of different tools to help keep me on track. Meeting and connecting with other people who are struggling with similar issues has been helpful, thinking about blog posts and keeping a personal journal has been helpful, but another helpful tool has been having full accountability for my food consumption.

The Gift of a Food Scale

When my nutritionist suggested a food scale, I honestly wanted to scream. Was I that out of control that I needed to weigh and measure my food? Well, yes- I was. Once I can to terms with this, I saw the food scale as a tool to help me, not as a punishment or something to be embarrassed about.

That being said, I still did not want the food scale to be the centerpiece of my kitchen. So, I opted for the ” target=”_blank”> Joseph Joseph Trifold food scaleTri-fold food scale pictured on the side.

The scale is compact, easy to store and easy to carry around with you if you decide to do so.

Great For Portion Control

I really like this food scale because it is very easy to place a plate or bowl on the scale, and then measure out your food directly on to your dish. You can keep resetting the scale after you add more food to it, so you can easily add 3 oz of protein, 2 cups of veggies and 1 oz of salad dressing without removing your dish from the scale.

As you can see in the picture, the scale opens up for measuring, and then folds back up for easy storage. It requires very little storage space.

Other Great Features

I’ve found the scale useful not only for portion control, but also for weighing and measuring for baking and cooking. The scale can measure in fluid ounces, grams, pounds and millimeters. I use this way more often than I use my liquid and solid measuring cups (which means less clean up for me!)

The scale is also really easy to clean. Since the scale has touch-activated buttons, food can’t really fall in and get stuck anywhere.


While I’m sure there are other great food scales out there, I really like the Joseph Joseph one. Do you use a food scale? Have you found it helpful?


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