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My sugar addiction and compulsive eating

After nearly 3 decades of being overweight despite being very active, I finally found the inner strength to tackle my relationship with food truthfully. I went to a therapist specializing in food and eating disorders and was told that I was an addict- of sugar.

An addict? Let’s look at the facts. How many times had I:

  • changed my route home or gone out of my way to get sweets and chocolate?
  • eat many slices of white bread with butter because I had gotten rid of all the ‘unhealthy food’ but wanted to eat, even though I wasn’t hungry?
  • over-exercise to “make-up” for overeating and compulsively eating sugar the day before?
  • gone to CVS at 11:00 at night for Ben and Jerry’s?
  • been distracted from the company of friends because all I could think about was food?

The reality was things had become unmanageable. I could freely give in to my addiction in socially acceptable ways so it was easy to hide my problem. Birthday cake at the office?  Day at the beach with ice cream? No problem! I felt like I really needed sugar to function. I could distract and comfort myself with sugary foods and would stress out if I didn’t know when I could get more.

I did not realize how many people struggle with the same thing. At Overeaters Anonymous, I learned that I needed support to change my behavior. While I’m not perfect, I am getting better. I went through withdrawal and am on the path to a healthier, more peaceful life.


Hidden refined sugars

It is amazing the extent to which food companies will go to hide refined sugar in foods. There are so many names for sugar, and I am surprised at the number of “sugar-free” recipes on-line that contain ingredients like dextrose, brown rice syrup and my personal favorite- Florida Crystals.

Sugar cane is not the only source of sugar. For example, brown rice sounds great, but when it is broken down and processed into a syrup, it is just another form sugar.


Let’s get to work!

I hope this site will foster a community where we can easily find convenient foods that are free of sugar and help us feel better as we nourish ourselves. Let’s help each other increase awareness of what we are eating and no longer be taken advantage of by tricky food corporations. We deserve better.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

To our health,



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